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Looking for the perfect person to fill a position with your company? Let us help you!  The information below answers some commonly asked questions about posting on our website. 

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Q. What is the cost to post?

A. The cost to post a 30-day listing is $50 unless your business is a sponsor or currently offers a discount on the YSPN Membership Card. More information about offering a discount can be found here.

Q. Can I include a logo?

A. Yes, logos are included in the purchase price.

Q. How long can I post a job?

A. The initial $50 fee will cover a 30-day posting. However, if you don’t fill the position within those 30 days and would like to extend the posting, that can be done for ½ price.

Q. How will a YSPN member be able to see my posting?

A. Postings are available for anyone to view through the Current Job Listings website. Anyone looking for a job on the website in the Springfield area will be able to see your ad. New Job Postings and bimonthly E-blasts are also sent to all current and prospective YSPN Members (over 600 young professionals!) as well as promoted on our social media channels.

Q. What other benefits are there to posting my ad here?

A. We have over 300 members in a variety of professions that could be a perfect fit with your company. And, since we market to both members and potential members in all professions, we have a large group to reach out to.

Q. What other career services does YSPN offer?

A. In addition to posting for individual openings, employers can advertise “Open House” interviews for multiple positions for $25.  Open Houses for individual postings would appear on the Job Listings site and would cost the same as a regular posting.  We also offer a package discount; buy 5 postings at one time, get the 6th free.

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