Survey: Business Perceptions of Springfield Public Schools

The Survey

At the request of Springfield Public Schools District 186 (SPS 186), The Chamber is conducting an independent survey of the business community to better understand business perceptions of the local public education system. The Chamber will then gather additional data to test the validity of the perceptions, and share the findings in a final report. 

Why We’re Doing It

SPS 186 is interested in better understanding the perceptions and attitudes around K-12 public education, and asked for help from The Chamber to survey the business community.

There is a strong connection between economic development and education. Economic growth requires a workforce capable of meeting employment demands, and the students of today make up the workforce of tomorrow. The business community is a key constituent of the public school system, and until this survey, there has been no formal mechanism for SPS to gather feedback from businesses at a broad level. 

Who’s Involved

  • All Springfield businesses, whether Chamber members or not, are encouraged to participate! To sign up, email with your business name, a contact person, and an email address where the survey should be sent.
  • Hanover Research, a professional market research firm, will develop and administer the survey.
  • A Chamber task force, made up of active Chambers members, Q5 investors, business professionals and employers in leadership positions, will analyze the survey results and test the validity of the perceptions. Click here to see a list of task force members.
  • The Chamber task force with work with a consultant, Norm Durflinger, to analyze survey results, test the validity of the perceptions, and share all the findings in a final report. 

The Process

1. The survey is distributed by email.
2. Survey results are collected and provided to The Chamber.
3. Chamber task force and consultant analyze results.
4. Additional information is gathered and perceptions are tested for validity.
5.  All findings are summarized in a final public report.

Additional Resources

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Printable One-Page Survey Overview
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