What is Q5?

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The Quantum Growth Partnership (Q5) is the economic development partnership led by The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. Public, private, and nonprofit sectors have come together with the following goal: to grow Sangamon County by improving our ability to create jobs, attract talent and make capital investment.

We have a shared vision for Springfield and Sangamon County – to be a catalyst that helps create a strong, growing economy through talent, leadership and collaboration.

Why is Q5 important? No community or its economy ever stays the same - we are always moving in one direction or another. Q5 is important because it provides a vision for the future with specific strategic priorities that have the potential to be transformational for our community. Like any plan, if it is not acted upon, it will amount to nothing more than words on a page.

Five strategic priorities of Q5 are:

Economic Expansion:

  • Support local entrepreneurship activities.
  • Promote economic diversification through targeted business attraction.
  • Certify and promote sites for future development, which meet market demand.
  • Identify and address the business climate through the Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) program.
  • Implement sound, competitive development policy.

Urban Revitalization:

  • Work collaboratively with a broad group of stake holders to revitalize downtown Springfield and other urban neighborhoods.
  • Increase housing options in downtown Springfield and other urban neighborhoods.
  • Advocate for and help facilitate the progression of The Springfield Rail Improvements Project.

Workforce Expansion:

  • Grow, retain, and attract qualified workers, especially within the 18 – 35 age demographic, that meet local workforce demands.
  • Facilitate alignment of educational offerings with workforce needs of local businesses.
  • Create direct partnerships between local employers and K-12 education.

Diversity Advancement:

  • Enhance business opportunities and quality residential offerings in East Springfield, primarily in the Neighborhood of Hope.
  • Expand business mentoring and youth employment programs.
  • Increase diversity among board and commission leaders/members in our community.

Transformational Leadership:

  • Advocate for community priorities.
  • Focus the know-how and commitment of our best private and public sector minds on our greatest opportunities and most significant challenges.
  • Establish Q5 Strategic Leadership Council as a change-agent for Sangamon County.
The Chamber is more committed than ever to ensuring Sangamon County’s long-term prosperity and vitality. Success demands a focused, aggressive strategy, strengthened by community support and collaboration. Thanks to the creative vision of civic and business leaders throughout the region, our strategy is in place.

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