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Business Education Week 2017 is quickly approaching and we invite you to participate in either the Principal for a Day (full school day shadowing a Principal) or Business Professionals in the Classroom (1-3 hours in a classroom) programs. Business Education Week, sponsored by the Business Education Partnership (BEP), in partnership with the Springfield Education Association, allows Principals, Teachers, executives and business professionals the opportunity to build relationships and create meaningful dialog regarding how our schools operate, challenges, funding and achievement in Sangamon County.

Business Education Week is being held on October 17, 18 or 19.
The registration deadline is October 6, 2017.
For questions about the program or to register for a spot, please contact
Sarah Graham at (217) 525.1173 or at, or visit


The Regional Office of Career & Technical Education (ROCTE) and the Business Education Partnership presented a three series workplace skills DVD. This employment series give students the skills to find a job, successfully navigate the interview process, and how to keep a job after being hired. The DVDs are accompanied with a Classroom Guide which assists teachers with planning course curriculums and class activities.

CLICK HERE to view the DVDs online and to view the guide.


The Business/Education Partnership of Sangamon County is pleased to introduce a directory of job shadowing and internship programs for students in Sangamon County. Both of these programs offer businesses and organizations an opportunity to work with young people while students gain a better insight into future careers and professions.

Job shadowing and internship programs provide outstanding learning opportunities for students and help keep businesses connected with local schools by developing new partnerships. Through these partnerships, businesses are helping to ensure the development of a well prepared and educated workforce for tomorrow's jobs. This feat is accomplished by offering real-life work environments and first-hand experiences that help students better understand their selected areas of interests and what it takes to achieve their long-term educational and employment goals.

The process of connecting businesses with students begins with your commitment and your company's listing in a Job Shadowing and Student Internship Directory. This directory will be used by coordinators of work based learning programs to connect interested students with appropriate businesses.

For more information about these programs or if you have specific questions related to the involvement of your business, please contact Sarah Graham.

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