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The Business/Education Partnership of Sangamon County was developed in late 2005 by an ad hoc committee of community leaders convened by the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. Through its deliberations, mission and vision statements were drafted, as well as agreements reached to hire an executive director and to appoint an advisory board.  

The BEP board functions under a set of Operational Guidelines and is a county-wide coalition of businesses, unions, community-based organizations, and education interests (K-16, private and public). Sarah GrahamThe Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce


The mission of the Business Education Partnership of Sangamon County is to work with the educational community, the business community and other stakeholders to help provide a highly skilled, literate, and productive workforce necessary to support a successful economic development environment.


The BEP board functions under a set of Operational Guidelines and is a county-wide coalition of businesses, unions, community-based organizations, and education interests (P-16, private and public).

Committee activities include leading the movement in developing business and civic partnerships for P-12 Schools in Sangamon County, advocating for improving student achievement in Sangamon County, acting as a leading private sector partner on public policy impacting P-16 education and working with public and private businesses and organizations to expose all students to career opportunities in Sangamon County. 


Partners in Education Committee

  • Working closely with the educational community, business, labor and other stakeholders to encourage and support ongoing partnerships designed for workforce development.
  • Defining partnerships between business and schools.
  • Creating and managing Business Education Week through:
    • Principal For a Day program
    • Business Professionals in the Classroom

Careers Committee

  • Promoting a collaborative environment between P-16 education, workforce training institutions and business to identify emerging jobs and training offerings that align with the needs of our region’s target industries
  • Develop college internship opportunities through partnerships with higher education and area businesses

Achievement Committee

  • Supporting efforts to help eliminate achievement gaps in learning that exist because of socio-economic factors.
  • Investigate existing programs that address poverty issues in Sangamon County

Public Policy Committee

  • Working directly with Sangamon county schools to appropriately focus our efforts on substantive policy initiatives benefiting students throughout the county
  • Focus policy efforts on the following issues:
    • School funding
    • School facilities
    • School reform (curriculum)


The Advisory Board meets every other month, on the fourth Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. Meetings are held the offices of The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, located at 1011 South Second Street.

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